Sun Time Defined (aka Advisory)

What is Sun Time?


Sun Time/MTSS Defined

This year at Goldenview Middle School, we are excited to introduce an additional period each day, which we have designated as “Sun Time”. This Sun-Time period will provide a skill-based enrichment to all students, focusing on their core-subject content. Sun Time will accommodate all students with a robust educational opportunity, supplying enhanced supports and challenges to all Goldenview students. Additionally, students will experience Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum during Sun Time, encouraging students to foster a supportive school community and promote healthy social interactions.

Each core team teacher will have a fourth or fifth period Sun Time class. Students can be divided up in any fashion related to their skill levels in math, reading, and writing. Our school will use MAP data to make appropriate placements. We hope to show academic growth with every student through the use of Sun Time. Students will practice individual components needed, as well as giving our more gifted students a time for enrichment. In addition, our Lions Quest SEL curriculum will also be delivered during this time, most likely for one period a week. This is also the class we will utilize for testing purposes. In addition to math and language arts skills, teams are encouraged to start the year by providing opportunities for their students to get to know each other and begin to form an identity within their team. Team norms, process for communication, and both grading and behavior expectations can be reinforced during this time. This is not a time for studying or homework, or a time to finish up regular class activities.

Additional activities may include:
SEL activities
Service learning projects
SAT prep for 8th graders/general test prep
Creative writing opportunities
Engineering Design Challenges
Artist in residence opportunities
Science Olympiad projects
Peer-to-Peer mentoring
Project-based learning
Socratic seminar
Debate projects
Science explorations in and out of our community
Student forums on relevant social issues
Extra time for Algebra and Geometry when needed
Team celebrations and competitions
NJHS activities/meetings
Student Advisory Board activities/meetings